How human being suffer from melting ice

melting ice

Hey! Do you know that the cryosphere is melting and slowly feeding the sea? The glaciers and sea ice are melting at a very high speed. Remember, the glaciers make up to 10% of land area on earth which shall then transfer to the water. Do you know what this means for us, our economy, the ecosystem and the world in general?

Before we go into detail on this, let us first know what this is that causing the ice to melt?

You must have come across the term Global Warming, this is the rapid heating up of the earth to high temperatures. The high temperatures cause a lot of misfortunes on earth, among the prime is melting of the cryosphere. The high heat causes the ice to reach melting point and therefore drain, like water, into water bodies. 

Now, how shall we suffer from the melting of the cryosphere?

Both humans, plants, and animals shall suffer the consequences of the melting ice. Even when the effects shall affect one more than the other, the three rely on each other and the death of one is the death of all.

A rising sea level and its effects

The warming effect shall melt the Greenland & Antarctic ice which makes up to 98% of the cryosphere. This water shall raise the sea level up to 22 feet which shall continue piling up. This means that most seaboards shall disappear, and so, does it mean the people there shall live in water? They might face extinction, or cause our next effect.

Immigration of human beings

Now that with such a great rise in sea level, expect the people from the then submerged Florida to immigrate to other parts of the already almost congested world or god forbid, the water becomes unmanageable and attack in the wees! We have to start working towards the restoration of our world now!

A warmer land and sea!

The ice at the polar regions serves the purpose of cooling down the regularly warming world. Now that we human beings have worked hard to cause the melting down of ice, there shall be no more ice to cool the world. The heat shall follow the melted ice and warm the waters, this shall present an inhabitable habitat for the sea creatures which shall die. I know it sounds weird, but, imagine going without fish for eternity!

And shall we human beings develop something to cool us, now that we cool our super hot industrial plants with water? By then, the water shall be heated up, the earth shall be heated up, shall we ever enjoy tossing ice cubes into drinks for a super cool feeling!

Human beings and the wildlife of the polar regions are in trouble!

The polar bears which, for decades, have been supporting their life with the help of the ice shall be in trouble of diminishing to the levels of extinction unless we act. The people Inuits are facing more spring ice melts which bar them from going hunting.

Consequences on the economy

If a whole piece of the earth gets submerged into water, what happens to the people and economy who depended on the landmass? They perish. So unless we are realistic and chase a lengthy earth’s living life instead of economies, our economies are gonna be submerged in heated up water without any fish. And, where shall we be?


The above are some of the many effects that the melting cryosphere presents to us. What remains is whether we shall change, or wait for the time to come! As said, change begins with a milestone from me and you who then come together to make one strong force that shall make the world keep its constant self-replenishing state.