Plant a tree plant a hope and human attitudes

plant a tree - plant a hope

We are living in an age that bears a burden of climate change issues. A time when a tree means a lot to the current and more importantly the future generation. The 19th and 20th centuries saw a lot of trees cut down by us, humans. The need to build an economy and better life from the energy contained by trees was the manor interest by then, however, things have taken a totally different course with the latest discovery of an ailing Earth. The reversal of tree cutting actions can only be done by planting more trees.

You might be thinking of how you’re gonna get a large piece of land to make a forest. This is not the case, you simply need to start the change by planting one tree which shall itself present great hope for the future. So what are some of the differences we hope these trees shall create in the future? Join me as we explore a few.

Presents hope for the restoration of the changing climate

The world is facing serious climate change affects. The change in climate has been influenced by global warming. Global warming is the accumulation of greenhouse gases that cause the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect comes about when these greenhouse gases form a “blanket” in the atmosphere of the earth, this layer allows heat from the sun to penetrate into the earth’s surface while at the same time preventing heat from escaping the earth, the result is extra hot earth.

Trees come in to cool the air and earth in general. Whatever heat might be in a day can be avoided by just going under the shade of a nearby tree. Apart from this, trees also produce water which cools the hot air to give us cool earth to live in.

CO2 is one of the main greenhouse gases. Trees consume CO2 in the process of photosynthesis to make their own food. What shall work best in eliminating this greenhouse gas than the trees? No mechanism or strain is required for trees to photosynthesis, it is their everyday thing, just like we humans have to eat! The only thing you are required to do is to plant a tree.

And by the way, did you know that within a year, an acre of trees can completely absorb CO2 produced by a vehicle in 2600 miles? Now you know!

Hope for clean air with lots of oxygen

As you walk in earth polluted streets, the air is stuffy and at some points, foul-smelling. Trees are responsible for trapping dust particles from the air making it clean. Apart from this, trees also trap odor in the air plus a number of toxic gases resulting in clean healthy air to breathe.

We need oxygen for breathing, burning, and many more functions. Trees are responsible for the production of oxygen, after eliminating CO2, isn’t this magical!

Has it come to your attention that one acre of trees are able to produce oxygen that can surface the breathing needs of 18 people? Well, that’s a fact that should motivate you to plant a tree.

Gives hope for more safe water away from pollution

Water evaporates from the earth at a very high rate due to global warming. As a result, water sources are diminishing day in, day out. Trees are grown near a water source helps prevent too much evaporation due to their shade effect. Know a diminishing water source, start the reclamation drive by planting one tree.

Trees reduce the speed of runoff water. After the water has maintained, it infiltrates into the earth and cleans up before adding up to groundwater. If there were no trees, the run-off of stormwater could have carried all the plastics, toxic chemicals and all manner of trash into the sea and hence pollution. These chemicals, in turn, endanger marine life due to their toxic nature. Give the future generation hope by planting a tree(s) to prevent that neglected runoff.

Trees present hope of curbing soil erosion while providing food.

A tree develops an extensive root system to provide for its support. In the process, the roots intertwine with soil holding the particles close together. The result is a compact soil mass which cannot be shaken by running water. The tree shades also prevent much water from hitting directly on the ground thereby curbing splash erosion.

As trees fight soil erosion, they also fight food insecurity in the same way. Most trees produce edible fruits and even drinks. A single tree produces multiple fruits that can feet a lot of people. Are you planning to fight food insecurity? Why not plant a fruitful tree variety and hand over the task to it?

Better Economy

With the realization of the many benefits that come with planting trees around a homestead, houses with good landscapes are selling high. A house with good landscaping enhanced by trees saves the owner a lot of energy bills. This is because the shade from trees cool the air around the house making the environment cooler, saving the extra energy that could have been used for air conditioning by 20-50%
Source of medicine

Trees are a great source of medicine. The barks and leaves of some trees have saved the people of the world from completely perishing. Talk of aspirin or quinine, all this come from trees, plus many other medicines.

If you need the world’s sick population to get healed, then you better plant that tree now.

Help create hope for the wild world

Birds make their nests on trees, wild animals depend on trees for life. With the diminishing forest cover, wild animals are becoming more and more helpless and if we do not take a step, then, they shall be facing extinction. Planting a single tree means making a home for a big population of birds and other animals and also, food for them. Have you started yet?

Lastly, create hope for better health

Nothing feels better than a nature walk among trees. The air there is always clean and the atmosphere feels cool. That is why most patients recover faster when exposed to nature. That is the reason why you feel relieved of stress with a simple nature walk in a forest. Plant a tree, to add effort to a future healthy atmosphere.