We Have Limited Time To Reduce Deforestation And Save Our Earth


“The trees are tongue-less”

Almost everyone has heard that we are losing our forest tracts rapidly every coming year.  The reasons are many and some of them are controllable. These trees, which provide us oxygen, are extremely important for our biodiversity. Earth has to have life on it. So why don’t we care about saving our lives indirectly? Rather the question is how to stop deforestation?

The tropical rainforest is having over 210 Gigatons of Carbon stocked up within its trees. Therefore, when those trees are cut down, they not only release the stored carbon in them but also the oxygen suppliers are reduced. The atmosphere is getting dense by the emission of carbon, and thus, increasing the greenhouse effect.

What Can We Do To Save Our Earth? 

“We are Awake in Conserving Our Earth”

The contributions we all can make very easily and willingly to let the efforts against deforestation be improved. 

  • Plant as many trees as you can, wherever you can and whenever you can. 
  • Try to stay paperless in your home, office and outside too.
  • Buy and use recycled products and recycle them again.
  • Use recycled paper products (seek FSC ‘tick-tree’ logo while shopping)
  • Support the initiatives taken by companies which are trying to stay committed to reducing deforestation. 
  • Purchase the certified wood products labeled and marked by the ‘Forest Stewardship Council’.
  • Provide others with the awareness of the need of the reduction. Let your family, friends, circle and even society know about the need to stop deforestation. 
  • Avoid using Palm Oil and the products made by Palm Oil.
  • Don’t purchase extra things to throw them in the garbage, merely buy what you need is or will be sufficiently used.

“All the products which are made using the trees are recyclable.

Practice recycling diligently.”

Being the consumers, we all can play a vital role in stopping the deforestation issue. Similar to the businesses, when the demand will reduce, the supply will lessen too. Luckily, we have businesses that are highly forest and environment-friendly. All they require is our support and appreciation. By patronizing their products, we can encourage their efforts in the right way.

Advantages of reduction

Till date, it is estimated that the forest that has cut or burnt was more than 4.6 million hectares. The worst part is that the reason behind this human act is to utilize wood and land demand. It must make us rethink of our fundamental need and high demand i.e. whether we want to stay alive or to live lavishly on a larger area of land respectively. 

The reasons and ways to reduce the tropical deforestations and get the benefits are:

1. Global warming is the global 

Each molecule of Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is trapping heat in our Earth’s atmosphere. The problematic point is that it does not regard whichever the source it is released from. For instance; the tailpipe of cars releasing CO₂, the power plants emitting the smokestack from a coal-fire, and the burning tropical trees all are major ways to add CO₂ in our environment. Reduce the use of all related things in any way.

2. Emissions from the tropical forest

The emission of CO₂ from the tropical forests is very significant and, of course, not ignorable.  The cars are equally responsible for this emission, but 10% of the whole emission is from the burning of tropical forests. This is not an issue which should not be taken into any account.  We all are highly responsible. All of the deforestations is occurring at an alarming rate. 

3. Stabilization of our climate

These tropical forests are not only providing us oxygen for breathing but also emit a vast amount of CO₂ in our atmosphere. The loss of this huge forestation in greatly impacting the ability of Earth in removing the carbon out of the atmosphere, hence, the effects of global warming are becoming worst.

4. Cost-effectiveness

It is explored by the economical analyses that the reduction of emissions released by the deforestation is noticeable cheaper than the reduction of emissions from the fossil fuel combustions and the many other industrial sources.

5. Protection to our citizens

Unknowingly we, ourselves, are paying for the climatic disruptions each day. It pays off in the form of hurricanes, heatwaves, droughts, floods, and additional dangerous weather conditions and events. These all are causing many health and economics issues and risks. In case we address global warming at present, we will be able to save our lives and money for many more years to come.

6. Multiple challenges and seriousness towards future

  • The challenges from which we will be saved are 
  • The different species of animals and plants. 
  • Many of the plants are precious medicines for human
  • Helps in preventing floods
  • The droughts are balanced by regional rainfall
  • The livelihoods of many (indigenous and forest people) are dependent on these tropical forests  
  • Keep the environment clean and green for our children to inherit a better Earth. 

Effects of reduction in deforestation

  • Healthy environment
  • The decrease in global warming
  • Reservation of natives of forests
  • More and pure oxygen to breathe in
  • Prevention from droughts, hurricanes, and even floods. 
  • Utilization of cost for environmental betterment.


The time it takes to say ‘Deforestation’, 

One more chunk of the forest maybe the size of the football pitch is destroyed.

That is–every 2 seconds–every single day 

Our aims and ambitions must not only prevent the destruction but also reforest-restore-replant the forests which are and were once damaged. The predictable and need to be prevented forest damage in years ahead can include the forest of Africa, Australia, South East Asia, and Latin America. We all together have to initiate various projects, bringing the right funding and support the existing ones; all to be utilized for the right action in the place at the right time. And the right time is here.

Let’s just do it NOW before it gets too late to handle!